Ben’s Bites Sponsor Kit

Ben’s Bites Sponsor Kit


Ben’s Bites is a daily (Monday-Friday) newsletter about AI. It provides the previous day’s updates on product launches, news and research.

  • 100k subscribers, growing ~25k/month
  • 46% open rates and 16% click-through rate
  • Diverse audience; entrepreneurs, engineers, marketing, education, other
  • 55% US, 11% UK, 9% Canada, and 9% Europe, other
  • 27% Founder/C-Level, 13% Exec/VP/Director, 32% Senior level (2+ years experience) etc
  • 44% earn over $150k/year


We are very well-known and respected in the AI world with a very distinct brand that people love.

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Dyllan D.

"Another home run! I have over 200 unread emails, and yours is always the first I search for and go through first. Keep it up bro! Thank you!!"

Jon M. "I only read three newsletters regularly and Ben's Bites is one of them. I look forward to them every day and open just about every link in a new tab to explore, research, learn, and play!"

Kelly V. "Got my first one today and it gave me so many ideas of tools I haven’t heard of before!"

Luke M. I love this newsletter and it continually gets me pumped up about what's happening, what's out there, and what the horizon can look like.”

Matt. "The only must-read email I get each day. :)"

Temo. "I'm from the older generation 70 plus and this allows me to at least make some common sense out of the use of AI."

Ad units

Main Ad

  • Top of the email
  • Text-only, 400 characters maximum, multiple CTAs, copy provided by you
  • 1 available per email

This example received 3,369 clicks



  • Bottom of the email
  • Text-only, 140 characters
  • Great for events, products, courses etc
  • Up to 3 available per email

This example received 293 clicks


Rates: Q2 2023

Inventory is booked 3+ weeks in advance, the rates below are based on our growth.

Ad Unit
Main Ad
Top of email
  • Discounts available for booking 3 or more dates